The Exotic Merchant will sell you various upgrades for BlueStoneblue stones, which will spawn/generate every 5 minutes while you play the game (generation cap of 300), and every 6 minutes while you are offline (generation cap of 120).

Permanent Multiplier Upgrades Edit

Name Cost Effect
Permanent Gold Multiplier 100 BlueStone per level +50% Building profits per level (Max 200%)
Permanent Knowledge Multiplier +50% Knowledge Earnings per level (Max 200%)

University Timer Edit

Moved from Store since version 6.0.0

You may buy University Timer reduction at the cost of 20 RedGemred gems or 160 BlueStoneblue stones per 10%. Caps at 50%.

Mana Mode Skill Upgrades Edit

Name Cost Effect
Mana-skill-1 Scepter of Knowledge 25 RedGem or 200 BlueStone each +300% Knowledge Production when active per level
Mana-skill-2 Lightning Speed +150% Building Speed when active per level
Mana-skill-3 Profit Monument +100% Building profit when active per level
Mana-skill-4 Rune of Critical +2.5% Critical chance when active per level

Rage Mode Skill Upgrades Edit

Name Cost Effect
RageSkill1 Magic Touch 25 RedGem or 200 BlueStone each +110% Click profits when active per level
RageSkill2 Thunder Speed +0.5 seconds to buildings speed when active per level
RageSkill3 Heavy Click +2.5% of GPS per click when active per level
RageSkill4 Critical Wave +1.5% Critical chance when active per level

Raid Loots Upgrades Edit

Moved from Store since version 6.0.0

Name Cost Effect
Winds Winds of Valhalla 25 RedGem or 200 BlueStone each Building Speed x300% instead of x200%
Leaf Mysterious Leaf of El Dorado Building Profit x4500% instead of x3000%
Burst Knowledge Burst of Babylonia Knowledge production x4500% instead of x3000%
Atlantis Artifact of Atlantis Rage Mode: Click Profits x300% instead of x200%
Mana Mode: Idle Bonus x300% instead of x200%
Energy Mode: Skill Efficiency x300% instead of x200%
Powder Powder of Lemuria Increase Critical Chance by 7.5% instead of 5%

Gems Edit

Once you have bought every upgrade, in the case of the multipliers they must be maxed, a special offer will be unlocked. You will be able to trade 5 BlueStone for 1 RedGem.

Trade Raid Loots Edit

Once you unlocked Champion "Valeria, The Celestial Defender" (required 3e40 diamonds), you can exchange Raid Loot at the cost of 1 BlueStone.

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